Intense Clinical Eye System
Intense Clinical Eye System
Intense Clinical Eye System

Intense Clinical Eye System

Rhonda Allison

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I.C.E (Intense Clinical Eye) System

Our “mini eye treatment” soothes tired-looking eyes, providing firming, cooling relief and a touch of sparkle. With a re-usable eye mask, this is a great gift that keeps on giving.

Special Includes:

Moisture Eye-Zyme - 10ml - With three times the power of red wine or green tea, keep eyes vibrant, taut and hydrated with the benefits of pomegranate.  A unique blend with super red antioxidant support, lactic acid and retinol, Moisture Eye-Zyme not only rejuvenates delicate eye tissue, but super-infuses a healthy dose of moisture and hydration.

Providing mild exfoliation and overall eye rejuvenation, this pomegranate-lactic enzyme mask delivers vital age-reducing benefits, supporting tissue repair and collagen synthesis, toning and firming, minimizing fine lines and reducing puffiness, crepey eye tissue and crow’s feet.

Eye Revitalizer - 10ml - 
This silky, cooling cream may be applied to tired eyes at the end of a long day to freshen and brighten them up. Eye tissue immediately feels moist and tightened. Enhanced with a "freezing peptide", Eye Revitalizer has a cooling sensation providing a quick perk-me-up experience for the eyes.

* Cooling Gel Eye Mask