Acne Remedies

Acne Remedies

Rhonda Allison

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Get clear results! Reduce bacteria, increase cellular exfoliation and sooth inflamed skin with RA’s Acne Remedies Mini Clear Skin System and build your confidence with clear, healthy-looking skin.


* Beta Green Tea Cleanser 30mL - Anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory for active breakouts, oily/impure skin.

* Milk Mask 15mL - Milk Mask is formulated from 100% pure milk protein to provide necessary nutrients to the skin following laser and other types of skin resurfacing. The creamy soft texture and vanilla scent add to the important benefits that pure milk provides. It is best to keep slightly chilled.

* Perfection Clay 15mL - A detox mask that tightens and tones while supporting blemished skin, balancing excess oil, smoothing coarse texture and refining pores in addition to helping the appearance of pebbled congestion on the skin. Great for very oily, blemish-prone, impure skin, this unique mask delivers sheer perfection to the skin. May have a mild stinging sensation when first applied to skin.